Do YOU like to have a clean home? A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you read 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae? Were you wanting more challenges?? If so, you are in luck!!
Jennifer Ross of Renewing Housewives
has written a follow up entitled Encouraging Challenges- The Month After 31 Days to Clean. Jennifer said she enjoyed Sarah Mae's ebook so much that she wanted MORE!! So Sarah Mae encouraged Jennifer to write the follow up. And she did just that!!

Even if you did not read 31 Days to Clean, Jennifer's ebook, Encouraging Challenges, is STILL a must have!  SO many inspiring words and helpful hints! 

Encouraging Challenges
is chock full of more encouragement and more cleaning challenges for you!! And the great thing is, I get to host a giveaway!!!

Here's how to enter....

1)Be sure and leave a comment below and I'll enter you in the drawing for this FABULOUS ebook!!

2)Share a cleaning tip that's been helpful for you and I'll enter your name twice!!!

3) Go visit Jennifer's blog to see all the wonderful ideas she has to spur us homemakers on in our roles!!  Be sure and let me know that you have visited her!!

BUT WAIT!!! IT GETS EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer's husband, Jason Ross, also has a new ebook out. It's entitled Nurturing a Godly Wife. Jason has included tips and analogies to help our husbands understand us wives a little better. Always a WONDERFUL thing!!  And you can win THIS, too!!

Don't forget to enter! And be sure and tell your friends!! Both of these ebooks are certain to encourage and grow you and your family!  And even if your name isn't drawn, you can still purchase both of these ebooks through the links I've provided- Encouraging Challenges and Nurturing a Godly Wife.

The deadline to enter will be 12:00 midnight EST this Thursday, August  4th, EST.  I will announce the winner on Fruiday, August 5th.